Hiking at Stop 4

Leetown Fields

Mostly open fields, with wooded portions near Leetown site. Mostly unshaded. Flat, grassy terrain. Use caution while hiking across fields, where trail maintenance is less frequent and grasses may be very high in the spring and summer months. Trails do not formally connect but are accessible form each other. Lengths vary.

Most trails within the southwestern portion of the park follow the outer edges of fields.

You are able to park at Tour Stops 3, 4, and 5 to begin your hike. The Leetown Site trails offer a path to a small creek, which is an interesting place to explore - especially on hot summer days. The path from the creek continues through the woods toward to Visitor's Center and parking lot.

Leetown itself, while no longer in existence, served as an important site during the battle of Pea Ridge. Wounded soldiers from both sides were brought here for treatment, where buildings and tends served as neutral hospitals. Leetown Battlefield just to the north, is the site where both Confederate Generals Ben McCulloch and James McIntosh were killed. Leetown Road, a portion of which can be accessed from the tour road, is a pleasant wooded path that winds its way from the Leetown site up to the field trials.